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Student Mobile Phones & Devices Policy

The Governing Council and Staff of Craigburn Primary School acknowledge the importance parents place on the safety of their children.  The ability for children to be able to contact parents in cases of emergency or danger is essential.  Access to mobile phones and devices by children has become a useful tool for families to keep in contact with each other in such circumstances.  

The Staff and Governing Council also acknowledge, that the use of mobile phones while children are at school during the hours of 8.30am and 3.30pm, and in situations where they are cared for in the OSHC program, is not necessary.  In these circumstances both parents and students have access to each other through the normal communication channels at school.

Parents are able to ring and get messages to children to alter plans or to ensure their safety in cases of family emergency.  Children can be called to the phone if it is essential that the parent speak with the child directly.  Similarly, children are able to use the school phone to contact parents if required.

Staff also acknowledges the use of personal devices within the classroom context as deemed appropriate by classroom teachers.  As part of our Digital Technologies focus at the school we value the use of mobile devices as tools to enhance student learning.  This however does not provide students with added access to phone features of these devices if they are present.

Mobile Phone/Device Procedures
The following process will apply for students who require a mobile phones/devices while at school:

  • Parents will complete the attached form, informing the school that their child will have a mobile phone/device while at school, failure to do so will result in the confiscation of the phone and parents notified.
  • Students who use phones/device during the day, without teacher supervision will have them confiscated by the principal/deputy, parents notified, and phones will then be handed into the office daily for a period of one Term.  Students will be sent to the leadership team for breach of a school policy. The school accepts no responsibility for the theft, breakage or loss of phones.
  • The school accepts no responsibility for the exchange of contact details between students, however, use of these details for prank calls, harassment or bullying will be dealt with through normal behaviour management procedures.
  • Students who attend school camps or excursions will not be permitted to take phones with them.  Teachers carry phones, which can be used in cases of emergency; in a camp situation, contact details will be made available to parents prior to departure.
  • Parents are asked to discuss this policy with their children and complete the attached form regarding the need for mobile phones to be at school.